Kis Duna Motel and Camping and the Halászkert Vendéglő – Fishrestaurant are situated next to the.international Vienna-Budapest M1/E60 Motorway. It makes an easy and fast connection to the international routes and airports. The highway exit is only 2 km away.
The town is both 35 km far from Győr and Bratislava, 84 km from Vienna and 165 km from Budapest.

The spacious 4.000 m2 campsite offers you direct connection to the river. The calm and peaceful Danube is suitable for water tours. Ideal for those who enjoy paddling on slow flowing rivers. You can observe the untouched water world .Those who enjoy observing birds and other animals in their natural habitat can also have a great time.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the famous hungarian wines. Hungarian cuisine is also worth trying.

Take a ride into the unique traditional cuisine and the pure nature environment of Hungary. It’s just your turn to enjoy it in the heart of Szigetköz!!

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